Food & Beverage

There’s nothing better than taking a lunch break between rides and enjoying the extensive and varied food options available to families located throughout the park.

All of Western Park’s products are of the highest quality thanks to our agreements with leading brands in the market. In “Westernland”, you can find Wild Búfalos Fast Food and Pizzeria Morricone, where the food on offer ranges from pizzas and the freshest salads to hamburgers, escalopes and the tastiest chips.

In “Indian Town”, there is Sioux Fast Food and, in “El Paso”, La Ola Fast Food. After lunch is the time to have a treat: a delicious ice cream in an ice-cream parlour or some tasty sweets.


Gift Shop

The gift shop “Souvenir”, is located in Western Park’s old station and has a huge selection of items that are essential for a water park, such as swimsuits, sunscreen, towels, water wings, etc., some of which include the logo of the park.

You can also buy fantastic souvenirs to remind you of your visit to Western Park. The most popular items for visitors are t-shirts and caps with funny cowboy and Indian designs.

For younger children, the shop offers toys representing characters that can be found in the park. Jewellery items for youngsters are also popular.

A visit not to be missed!